Crystal Crescent Beach Sunrise

You can’t beat the sound of the surf and the smell of cold, salty air! I admit it – this is one of my favourite places to shoot a sunrise. The beach faces due east so it’s a perfect location to capture the early morning light as it reflects off the waves and sand. Every wave is different so you never know what you’re going to get until it breaks in front of you. The secret is to get close enough to capture the wave but not so close as to get soaked. Have I ever been doused by a wave? I’ll never tell…

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2 thoughts on “Crystal Crescent Beach Sunrise

  1. Beautiful! Every time my husband and I go to Chincoteague I swear I’m not going to take pictures of the ocean again, and then I do, because it is so beautiful and always changing. I’ve not done sunrise pictures yet, I may do that this year.


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