Grand Pré

Grand Pré is a regular stop on any photo trip to the Annapolis Valley. It stands as a monument to the Acadian people who originally settled the land in the 1600's but were subsequently expelled by the British. The beautiful landscaping, the iconic brick church, the statue of Evangeline - all are compelling photographic subjects.…Read more Grand Pré

Aerial Ballet

A couple of weeks ago, I witness an amazing ballet (battle?) in the sky over Grand Pre, Nova Scotia. A bald eagle was being harassed by a redwing blackbird, presumably because he had a nest nearby. At one point the little fellow even plucked a downy feather from the eagle's rump! It's challenging photographing birds…Read more Aerial Ballet


The dictionary defines mishmash as "a confused mixture." That's how I'd describe this array of images.  It's what you do when you don't have a theme. Enjoy! All photos on this website are available for purchase as prints. Click the MENU button and select PRINTS for more information.

As Good As Gold

I recently had the privilege of photographing "Mannheim", a world class, solid gold flute owned by renowned Halifax musician and teacher Jack Chen. Although it was WAY outside my comfort zone, I couldn't pass up the opportunity! Anyone who has heard Jack play knows that his music is just as beautiful as his flute. Jack…Read more As Good As Gold