Fox Hollow Brook

There's a picturesque little brook beside the BLT Rail Trail in Upper Tantallon. It's a beautiful place to hike, especially if you enjoy the sound of running water. I love the way the water flows around the rocks. I took some slow shutter speed images to accentuate the action - it creates nice abstract patterns…Read more Fox Hollow Brook

Black Beauty

My friend Gordon asked me if I was interested in photographing his horse Layla, a Friesian mare. It took me about a nanosecond to say YES! Like all supermodels, she's gorgeous and she knows it. She was quite excited to frolic in the freshly fallen snow in the paddock. It's a bit intimidating when 1000+…Read more Black Beauty

Duncan’s Cove

Duncan's Cove is located at the mouth of Halifax Harbour, about a 30 minute drive from the city. A couple of weeks ago my friend Kevin and I hiked the Duncan's Cove Trail so we could capture some wave action. It was chilly but there was an offshore breeze that day so we were protected…Read more Duncan’s Cove

Loon Family Album

There are hundreds (thousands?) of freshwater lakes in Nova Scotia. We're fortunate to live on one of them - Frederick Lake in Hubley. There's a pair of Common Loons that breed here every summer. Most years they have at least one chick, sometimes two. This was a two-chick summer. I was able to get a…Read more Loon Family Album