Granite With Lace Trim

Peggy’s Cove, November 13, 2022

I captured this image while sitting on the rocks near the lighthouse at Peggy’s Cove. I used a telephoto lens to enable me to safely get close to the action as it’s easy to get washed away if you don’t respect the ocean. I hadn’t planned this shot as I was hoping to capture the large waves but this caught my eye and I decided it would make a great image. I’m glad I did!

20″ x 30″ Limited Edition of 2

$400.00 + S&H*

mounting & laminating – add $65.00 

16″ x 24″ Limited Edition of 6

$300.00 + S&H*

mounting & laminating – add $45.00

12″ x 18″ Limited Edition of 12

$200.00 + S&H*

mounting & laminating – add $40.00

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