One of the many benefits of living beside a lake is having the opportunity to see wildlife on a daily basis. Loons have been returning to Frederick Lake every summer for the 26 years we’ve lived here. We’ve watched them fishing and heard their haunting cries as they sing their songs – both day and night. This summer we’ve had the great pleasure of seeing a new addition to the family. They’ve been bringing him (her?) to our inlet repeatedly as they teach him how to swim and fish. Here is a selection of photos of mom, dad and junior.

© Hugh Chisholm

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6 thoughts on “Loons

  1. I like the slideshow format a bit better, as long as it doesn’t change photos too fast. Yours is fine, and seems I can stop it if I want to look at one photo longer. These are wonderful photos. Loons are my one of my favorite birds.


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